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Name:Ato Touji
Birthdate:Dec 21
Location:San Jose, California, United States of America
Ato Touji is a young Japanese man just starting his last year of high school (if I am getting the Japanese school system right). Granted, that high school is the Onmyo Academy and he is studying to become an Onmyo exocist, so maybe normal isn't a good word to describe him. He is tall and lanky, has brown hair and green eyes, and projects an air of calmness. He tends to dress casually, in what might called a grunge or street fashion, and is often wearing a head scarf. He is also likely to be wearing a school uniform over his more relaxed attire, thought the headband is always present.

If your character can see into someone's spirit or soul please read this (spoilers for the third story arc), read here.

If you're character is telepathic or empathic (spoilers for the third story arc), read here.

Touji can see spirits and constructed familiars, no matter how well crafted, and is learning the art of Onmyo. Onmyo is primary expressed as an elemental and spirit based magic in his canon, which typically uses talismans of paper with calligraphic writing to cast spells.

Ato Touji is from the manga/anime/light novels Tokyo Ravens and not mine. He belongs to Kōhei Azano, Atsushi Suzumi, Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, Monthly Shōnen Ace, and/or Funimation (gotta love multi-media projects!). This journal is for play at [community profile] milliways_bar and no claims of ownership or profit are intended.

Canon will primarily be from the anime with touches from the manga appearing. Alas, the light novels have not been translated and I don't read Japanese.
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